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Ambermed Ltd. is an international distributor for some of the safest and most effective health supplement brands that the world has to offer. We distribute to health stores, pharmacies and health professionals throughout the UK and Ireland; we take great pride, satisfaction and enjoyment in doing so.

At the heart of Ambermed, guiding our every decision, is the goal to improve the standard of public nutrition and health. Ambermed contribute to this goal daily, through the provision of genuinely innovative products of superior quality and efficacy. Many claim to do the same. Ambermed however, insist on proof, and you should too.

Ambermed provide batch specific, 3rd party certificates of analysis for each and every product in our portfolio. Each of our products adheres to and exceeds the stringent requirements of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), European Pharmacopeia Standard (EPS), the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) and any other standards where relevant or applicable. Our customers are conscientious, well-informed retailers and health professionals, with whom we share a common goal. By providing them with superior products, the emphatic proof in the form of 3rd party certificates of analysis and up to date training & education, Ambermed enables them to play their part in raising the standard of public health and nutrition.