About Us



Ambermed Ltd. is the official Irish and U.K. distribution agent for leading nutrition & food supplement brands from around the world. Miriam, Jon and the growing team continue to source and supply healthy and wholesome lifestyle products of the highest efficacy and safety to our stockists, affiliates and customers across Ireland and the UK.


Miriam Hayes, the founder of Ambermed Ltd, had more than 20 years experience in the health & beauty industry, working for brands such as L’Oréal, Lancôme and Arkopharma Pharmaceutical. After 10 years of working specifically within phytotherapy, natural medicine and dietary supplements, Miriam felt a need to found Ambermed. Her motivation and her goal was to elevate the efficacy, quality and safety of the nutritional products available to the public. In 2006, Miriam established Ambermed Ltd to achieve just that.

In 2011, as Ambermed grew from a home grown, family business to a national and international distributor, Jon, Miriam’s son, joined the company. Jon has a keen personal interest in nutrition and conditioning due to the sports he participated in and his resulting injuries. He found it difficult to source effective products that didn’t contain other health compromising ingredients, and this has driven the expansion of the range of products distributed and sold by Ambermed.

As the range of brands and company grew, so did the team both in hq and on the road, but to this day, potential products go through Miriam and Jon’s personal checklist before qualifying for addition to Ambermed’s distribution portfolio. Ambermed works with its suppliers and manufacturers on every aspect of the products we supply, to ensure only products that are proven safe (3rd party tested), highly effective, pleasant to administer and great value reach the shelves of our stockists and tables of our customers.